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How to Decorate Garden Pathways Driveways by Solar Lights on a low budget | Hardoll Enterprises

How to Decorate Home Garden Pathways Driveways by Solar Lights on a low budget? Ask us how. Read on to find about solar lights to decorate your garden.

Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway Lights for Home has a sleek design compared to the other Garden Pathway Lights. It is easy to install and is made of ABS plastics that could withstand any climates. Solar Lights for Pathways that comes with 5 lumens and 1 LED light have a transparent plastic cover that allows maximum lighting. It has a mono crystal panel that works on 1*AA, 600mAh, NI-CD batteries. These fairly priced LED Solar Garden Lights have energy-saving benefits too. Overall the product looks cool and is ideal for home, garden, park, and even commercial buildings.

Solar Garden Pathway Lights

Solar Garden Multi Colour Disk Lights can beautify your garden in three steps. Fix the light to the stake, switch it on, and push it into the ground. Solar Disk Lights have a 5V/ 80 MA Solar panel that works on 3.7 V/1200 mAh Li-Ion Battery. These lights have 10 White LEDS + 10 RGB LEDS and 5 colour modes that give wonderful colours in the night. Automatic Solar Garden Light illuminates up to 6-8 hours continuously. This weather proof light is made of ABS Plastics of IP65 grade and is long-lasting too.

solar flame lights

Solar Flame Pathway Lights for Garden

Call it a garden light or an ambient light, Solar Flame Lights is the most beautiful and appealing Garden Lights ever! These eco-friendly, water- resistant and easy-to-install Solar Pathway Lights have 72 LEDS and turn on and off automatically. It has 1.2W, 17% efficiency Solar Panel that works in 1200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Solar Lanterns for the Pathways with its unique torch- like design and flickering flame- like lights is ideal as garden pathway lights. As a rustic garden lights, it enhances the charisma of a palatial building like in those olden days.

All of the above Hardoll Solar lights for Home Garden Pathways Driveways are solar-powered, waterproof and automatic on/off lights that are very easy to install. Buying and installing them at home not only beautifies the surroundings, but also saves on your electricity bills. So, when you think How to Decorate Home Garden Pathways Driveways by Solar Lights in low budget, think Hardoll Solar Lights for Pathways.

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