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Solar 60 LED Motion Sensor Solar Light for Home Security Outdoor Garden | Hardoll Enterprises

If you are looking for illuminating wider area of your home outdoor garden
Hardoll 60LED Motion Sensor Solar Light for Home Security Outdoor
Garden is an ideal buy.

Product Description LED Solar Security Lights

Now that you have made your choice, let us get into the details of the product.
LED Motion Sensor Lights work in solar energy and it has a 6V/1W solar
panel that works in 3.7V, 4400mAh battery. Solar panel absorbs energy during
the day time and charges itself. The battery helps the energy received to store
until darkness and is released as light.

Automatic Solar Security Lights have 60 LEDs of 10W and 850 Lumens and
produce brilliant cool white light good enough to cover a vast area. Waterproof
Solar Outdoor Flood Lights have yet another benefit that would certainly
make you want to buy this product. It can sense movement and light up
according to the mode working as a security light. Solar Motion Sensor Lights
for Outdoor can sense motion within 30 feet at an angle of 180 degree.

LED Solar Lights for Home Security has 3 intelligent modes – LUX, SENSE
and TIME. LUX determines when to turn on; SENSE determines the range of
motion sensor, while TIME determines how long the light will stay on after
sensing the motion.

Motion Sensor Solar Lights for Outdoor made of aluminium and ABS
plastics of IP44 grade is waterproof. It turns on at night and turns off at the
break of dawn and that too automatically.

How to Use, Install and Maintain Solar Lights for Outdoors

To install, just screw the light to the surface where you wish to fix it. Always
position the light under the direct Sun as shades would prevent the panel to get
charged. It should be fixed away from the other light sources as Hardoll Solar
Lights can work efficiently only in the darkness. Clean the surface of the panel
regularly for the smooth functioning of the light.


As it is solar powered and does not make use of traditional electricity, you can
definitely save quite a lot of money once you buy Hardoll 60LED Motion
Sensor Solar Light for Home Security Outdoor Garden. Automatic LED
Motion Sensor Light with 12-month warranty offers security and lighting.

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Oct 24, 2020
annie Mscox

How much area will be light with this?
I have a garden and i want to use a href=“”>these flood lights.
Thank You for your post.

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