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Why Are My Automatic Solar Outdoor Lights for Home Garden Not Working? | Hardoll Enterprises

You were so excited to beautify your garden and to bring some elements that could make it more aesthetically appealing. There is nothing better than having nature powered lights for the garden like Hardoll Solar Garden Lights for Home Garden. You bought them and what if one day your favourite purchase simply won’t light up. If you are wondering Why My Automatic Solar Outdoor Lights for Home Garden Are Not working, read below.

5 Reasons Why Your Automatic Solar Outdoor Lights for Home Garden Are Not Working

It is a rare occurrence that Hardoll Outdoor Solar Lights remain not working. Still we get calls regarding the same, which are mostly due to simple mistakes or lack of knowledge about the product. Discussed further are a few factors that could interfere in the proper functioning of the Solar Decorative Lights for Garden.

ON/OFF Switch of Automatic Solar Lights for Home

When you hear it is automatic, you have a tendency to regard the product to work on its own. Though it does so, you need to switch on the light before the initial use so as to enable the panel to start absorbing the energy. Once it is charged till night, it definitely switches on at night and switches off by day, all by itself.


Most of the time malfunctioning of the Outdoor Solar Security Lights can be traced back to batteries. Good quality rechargeable batteries last for at least two years, so if your lights are getting dimmer eventually, it could be the batteries. Change them and your lights work perfectly fine. This might also happen to the new products, which do not have pull tabs. Batteries may lose charge completely on transit or while in stock. In that case, charge the battery extensively before the lights can turn on.

Other Light Sources

Solar Garden Lamps senses sunlight and gets charged during the day and turns on at night. But it also senses light from other sources and hence if we install solar lights near them, it will sense light and never turn on. So, when you install Outdoor Solar Lamp for Home, make sure you install them AWAY from the other light sources. Find out the reason by covering the sensor and see if your lights turn on.

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Lack of Sun

One reason for Decorative Waterproof Solar Outdoor Light not to function well is the place where it is installed. Solar Lights should get plenty of sunlight. So avoid shaded areas and keep in the direct Sun.

Lack of Maintenance

Over a period of time, the solar panel gets dirty by the dust and other particles and it interferes with the absorption of solar energy. Make sure you clean them regularly for the efficient functioning of the Waterproof Solar lights for Outdoor.


Remember, Hardoll Solar Lights for Home is durable. Installed as per the instructions above, then you need not worry Why My Automatic Solar Outdoor Lights for Home Garden Are Not Working.

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