World, Get Ready for the Best Solar-powered Vehicle

World, Get Ready for the Best Solar-powered Vehicle

It might have taken years, but then best comes out of long wait and hardwork. Aptera claims that its new EV can reap ample sunlight good enough to travel for 17,700 kilometers per year. Now, that is hot. 

Aptera Motors,a US-based EV start up company unveiled a prototype of sEV (solar energy powered electric vehicle) and claims that its three-wheeler does not require intermittent charging. 

Aptera Motors,  launched in 2006, had first come out with the concept of a super-efficient three-wheeler in 2008. When EVs and EV-related technologies are yet to prove its efficiency, this solar vehicle that could offer up to 1600 kilometers on full charge would create a giant wave in the solar vehicle industry. 

The three-wheeler EV can accommodate two passengers and looks similar to aeroplane's fuselage sans wings, providing a drag coefficient of 0.13. It offers battery packs from 25.0kWh to 100.0kWh and excellent energy efficiency of 16 kilometers per kWh. Aptera EV that consumes 100 Watts of energy for every mile comes in 100 kW front-wheel-drive generating 134 bhp and 150 kW all-wheel-drive generating 201 bhp. It weighs light and even with the heaviest battery, it weighs under 1000 kilograms.

According to Aptera Motors, the liquid-cooled electric motor can propel the EV from 0 to 96 kilometers per hour in 6 seconds in front-wheel powertrain while 3.5 seconds in all-wheel powertrain with a speed of 177 kilometers per hour. What more, if you want to add up an extra 40 miles per day you can place solar cells on the roof, hood or back as you wish.

Aptera Ev would have three colour options such as Sol (white), Luna (silver) and Noir (black). The starting price of Aptera EV comes around $25,900 ( Rs 19.10 Lakhs). It is reported that the company already started accepting bookings on a deposit of $100 (Rs 7352.6).Isn't Aptera EV good enough to give you a thought to shift to green energy?


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