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Amidst Covid India Hopes for Better and Brighter Future

The news about the second wave and third wave of covid might be daunting but India is looking ahead for a brighter future amidst adversaries. ReNew Power, which is the 10th largest Global Independent Power Producer by operational capacity, won a 250MW Interstate Transmission System solar project in Rajasthan. Let us also read about how villagers of Botoshi in Maharashtra are thankful to solar energy.

ReNew Power, India’s leading renewable energy IPP has won the 300MW solar project in a competitive auction conducted by Solar Energy Corporation of India. It signed a 25 year power purchase agreement with SECI to provide power to the state of Bihar at a rate of Rs 2.55kWh that could give employment opportunities for 600 people. 

The special design of the monocrystalline modules helps to boost the efficiency. It has fixed tilt and string inverters that help to achieve it. Being thoughtful about the environment, ReNew Power uses robotic module cleaning that helps in saving water. By signing this contract it has become closer to its goal of 18GW installed renewable energy capacity by 2025. ReNew has so far achieved a total capacity of 10.2 GW that also includes energy produced by the wind, solar and hydro projects in India.

Earlier, the villagers of Botoshi in Maharashtra had to collect water several times from the river during the day by climbing up and down the hill. Though it received adequate rainfall in the monsoon, the water could not be stored for farming or domestic purposes due to the lack of storage systems. Also, the streams villagers depended on during summer are usually dry. Somebody had to step in.

A non-profit organization called Aroehan took the initiative to install the solar energy-based filtration and pumping units with the help of students of IIT Bombay and Siemens. The pumps were installed in the wells downhill and water was carried away to the overhead tanks in the villages through pipes that are laid down in the earth. Filtration is done in the tanks and clean water is supplied through taps. By this arrangement, villagers are relieved of a great burden and with fresh water in the proximity villager' health issues are solved.

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