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Benefits of using Solar Lights for Outdoor in IT Parks, Industries and Shopping Malls

Have you ever thought about how many bulbs are turned on in public places during the night? Parks, streets, industrial compounds, IT parks, shopping malls need lights throughout the night. The energy consumed and electricity bills are huge. Moreover, continuous usage of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels harms the environment. However, as technology advances, researchers find more sustainable and permanent solutions. Solar energy evolved as one such solution and the world embraced it. Due to the benefits such as efficiency and cost- effectiveness it is used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Solar lights for outdoor are best suitable for streets, parking lots, parks and even signages because being outdoor lights they can absorb as much solar energy for themselves.Solar outdoor lights are also weatherproof, bright and has low insect attraction rate.Savings of 30% on the electricity bills would be a blessing for small scale industries and small businesses.

Solar street lights consist of PV panels, an in-built battery, LED light and sensors. Solar energy that falls on the panels is stored in a rechargeable battery. The light is turned on automatically by an in-built smart sensor and controller that can sense darkness.

Benefits of Solar Lights

Eco-friendly: Solar lights are a green alternative over traditional street lights. It makes use of an unlimited source of energy, reduces carbon print and pollution.

Cost-effective: Though solar lighting may appear expensive in the beginning, in the long run you can cover the cost by saving on your electricity bills.

Less Maintenance: Maintenance is lesser for solar lights when compared to traditional street lights that require frequent monitoring or replacement of the parts. Cleaning the panels occasionally is the only care that is essential for the solar lights.

Low-cost Installation: Solar street lights are very easy to install as it does not require trenching or extension. Easily accessible for remote areas. Good exposure to the sun is the only requirement for solar lights to function.

Flexibility: Highly efficient solar lights for street can light up for two to three nights in spite of bad weather. Solar lights can function even in black out as it is not dependent on the grid. Solar lights come in different sizes, shapes, colour  and design that suits your aesthetic senses.

Solar street lights are designed to reduce reliance on expensive and unpredictable grid power. Robust, automatic, wireless features of solar street lights along with weatherproof design make them best suitable for outdoor lighting in parks, streets and IT parks.

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