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Best Solar Flame Lights for Home Outdoor Garden | Hardoll Enterprises

Searching for Outdoor Lighting ideas that add wow factor to your indoor or outdoor garden? Buy Hardoll Solar Flame Lights for Home Outdoor Garden and line up those Decorative Solar Lights along the pathways.
Product Specifications of Solar Garden Lanterns for Outdoor
It is your right to understand the product you are going to purchase. 1.2W/5.5V solar panel equipped with an efficient 3.7V 1200mAh battery absorbs energy from the Sun during the day and converts into electrical energy. The energy thus stored is released in the night. 72 Pcs LED in the Solar Flame Lights for Outdoor can keep your house premises well lit up. Automatic Solar Garden Decorative Lights charges during the day all by itself and lights up in the night automatically. Solar LED Garden Pathway Lights that gives out warm white light not only serves the purpose of lighting but also serves as an eye-appealing centrepiece for your garden. What is attracting about this Solar Decorative Garden Outdoor Pathway Lights is that the design that is unique in itself. Fashioned after ancient lanterns, it gives a rustic touch to your home, terrace, and balcony garden.

How to Install and Use Decorative Garden Lights for Outdoor
Thatā€™s the most interesting part. There is no special installation required. All you need is to switch on the light and push the stake into the ground wherever you require it. Made of high-quality ABS Plastics, Waterproof Solar Lamps for Garden Outdoor is designed for outdoors and can withstand heat, rain, snow, and frost. For efficient functioning of the Outdoor Decorative Solar Garden Lights, install them where it can receive direct sunlight. Make sure it is placed away from shades and other light resources. Once Hardoll Solar Flame Lights for Home Indoor and Outdoor Garden is placed under the Sun and charged for 6-8 hours, it can light up your garden throughout the night. It saves you the trouble of switching it on/off by lighting up automatically when it gets dark and goes off by the break of the dawn.
Solar Flame Lights for Home Garden Outdoor Lights that release a soft glow resembling dancing flames definitely create quite an ambiance for the private parties and celebrations. Set them up in your landscaped garden and bring glam to your doorstep. Solar Lights for Outdoor comes with a warranty of one year.
  • Solar Panel: 1.2W/5.5V
  • Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh
  • LED: 72Pcs
  • Colour Mode: Warm white
  • Length: 78cm
  • Material: ABS Plastics
  • Safety: Weatherproof (IP65)
  • Duration: 10-12 hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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