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Best Solar Road Stud Lights for Street Outdoor Pathways | Hardoll Enterprises

Thinking of minimal lighting for your driveways? An easier way to accentuate walkways or driveways is to fix Solar Road Stud Lights. Solar Road Stud Lights for Street Outdoor Pathways Hardoll is a super- easy method to create an ambiance without losing any space or causing any hindrance.

Product Specifications of Solar Lights for Road Street

Small but mighty Solar Lights for Streets has 2.5V/120A solar panel that runs on NI-MH 1.2V/800mAh battery. Automatic Pathway Solar Stud Lights charges by itself during the day under the Sun and illuminates your driveways and garden pathways during the night. Each piece of LED Solar Stud Lights for Driveways has 6 pieces of LED lights that shed blue light rendering a supernatural look to your compound. Choose from the two lighting modes - steady and flashing, whichever you are comfortable with. Once received charging for 6-8 hours Rechargeable Solar Stud Lights for Ground can provide lighting for 10-12 hours in the night.


Solar Road Studs


Installation and How to Use Waterproof Solar Stud Lights for Outdoor Pathways

Easy- to- install Solar Lights for Pathways can be screwed to the required place. The Weatherproof Solar Ground Lights for Road can be fixed horizontally on the ground or mounted vertically to the wall or even on a tree trunk. It can also be used to highlight the steps to the entrance of your home or office. The Hercules of all Solar Lights, Solar Stud Lights weighing 300gm/ per piece can bear up to 20 tons. Hence it is ideal to use on driveways and roads with heavy traffic. Made with IP65 grade plastics and Aluminium alloy, Solar Stud Ground Lights is weatherproof and can withstand rain, heat, snow, dust, and frost. For efficient functioning of the light, avoid fixing in the shaded areas or under other lights.


Installing them on either side of the road and in the center helps the drivers to recognize their lane from the other and prevent them from driving over an edge or cliff. Solar Road Stud Lights for Street Outdoor Pathways Hardoll can brighten up your driveways without being an eye-sore.


  • Solar Panel: 2.5V/120A
  • Battery: NI-MH 1.2V/800mAh
  • LED: 6pcs
  • Colour: Blue
  • Mode: Steady/Flashing
  • Duration: 10-12 hours
  • Safety: Waterproof(IP65)
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Product Size: 107x95x24mm
  • Load: 20Tons
  • Weight: 300gm/piece
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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