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Hardoll Automatic Motion Sensor LED COB Solar Rotatable Twin Lights for Home Outdoor Wall

If you want to light up a vast area efficiently and economically Hardoll Automatic Motion Sensor LED COB Solar Rotatable Twin Lights for Home Outdoor Wall is an excellent choice. Twin Lights with rotatable features would help you to turn the light to wherever you need the light thus making the entire area lit up with brighter light.

Product Description of Solar Twin Lights for Home

LED COB Solar Automatic Outdoor Lights has a 5.5V 2W solar panel that works with the help of a Lithium 18650 3.7V 3000 mAh battery. Like all other solar lights, the solar panel absorbs solar energy automatically during the day time. The energy absorbed is stored with the help of lithium batteries and is released automatically in the form of light during night, which turns off on its own at the break of dawn.


LED Solar Wall Lights for Home has 80 efficient COB Lights with 1200 Lumens. It has three lighting modes such as continuous mode with (2-3 hours back up) that stays on throughout the night, Dim with motion sensor mode that lights up in dim light but brightens when motion is detected, Bright with motion sensor that stays off the entire night but lights up brightly once motion is detected.

Solar Security Outdoor Lights for Garden is also equipped with a Motion Sensor that could sense movement within the range of 6meters to 8 meters. Once the motion is detected it would light up for the passerby leading them safely on the pathways and turns off once motion is stopped. If any potential intruders are in your compound Motion Sensor Solar Lights for Home Security would also alert the household by lighting up brightly.


What makes this Solar Wall Lamps for Garden different from other solar lights is that it has two lights that can be rotated. Both of the lights can be rotated 130 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically. Even more wonderful thing about it is that the solar panel can be rotated 180 degrees vertically and 350 degrees horizontally. It would help you to turn the panel towards the Sun to get the maximum energy for producing light.


Made of IP65 grade ABS plastics Waterproof Solar Outdoor Wall Lights for Garden can withstand all climates and hence are durable.


How to Install, Use and Maintain Solar Twin Adjustable Lights

Motion Sensor Solar Twin Wall Lights might look big and tough but installing it is not as difficult as it appears. Just follow the instructions in the user manual and fix the Solar Outdoor Lights for Home to the exterior walls with the screws provided in the package. When you install, remember to place it where direct sunlight is available and not in the shaded areas.

As Solar Light for Home Outdoor Garden lights up only when it senses darkness, placing solar lights away from utility lights are recommended. Cleaning solar panels regularly would help in the efficient functioning of the lights.




Fixing them on the corners of the walls would help to direct each light to each side so that with one light itself you could illuminate two sides of your compound. Solar Rotatable Lights for Wall is also ideal for your terrace, balcony and garden. As solar lights get power from the Sun, a free and rich source of energy you can save a lot of money on your electricity bills over a period of time.



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