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Have you wondered how electricity is obtained from sunlight?

The familiarity of the subject might make you take things for granted. Yes, we have heard a lot about solar energy and as a matter of concern, how it would help in reducing our electricity bills. Instead of being on the receiving end, have you ever considered the magnanimity of the idea; of trapping mere sunlight and producing electricity? Bless that moment when Edmond Becquerel pondered about the possibility as his out-of-the-box thought brought a major change in the life of mankind. Be it for large scale industrial purpose or for lighting up the residential areas, solar energy is widely accepted due to the simplicity and the large-scale availability. Keep on reading to find out how this energy works even after the sunset.

How does solar light produce electricity?

A solar light has a charge controller, an LED lamp, an inverter, a battery and solar panels. The LED lamp lights up by electric power that is stored in the batteries. The battery uses the photovoltaic effect to charge the ions and converts light into electric power. Though sunlight has strong wavelength, receptors on solar panels can detect even the weakest wavelength of light. That is why solar lights can work in any weather conditions. Most people think solar lights work only in warm countries. No, as long as there is sun your solar lights get charged.

You may also note that, though it gets charged during cloudy days and cold temperatures the lighting would not be as efficient as when it is charged under direct sun. Like every cloud has a silver lining, it is worthy to note that even incandescent lights and LED lights can charge your solar lights. Remember, the receptors on solar panels are designed to absorb any light. This tip might be handy depending on the situation.

Tips to improve the efficiency of solar outdoor lights

Clean the panel - Accumulated dirt on the panel hinders the direct absorption of the light. Cleaning the panel would help to improve the brightness of light, especially during cloudy days. Just wash or wipe off with wet cloth once in a while.

Mirrors - If your lights receive lesser light due to the change of position of sun, positioning the mirror so as to direct sunlight on to the panel would do the magic.

Turn off the lights - Turning off your light once in a month can in fact help you to maintain the light by allowing the battery to get a full charge over several days of sunlight.

Next time when you look up and see the sun shining, remember the energy we take it granted is in fact a treasure, an answer to the energy depletion, climate change crisis, power failures. Making use of solar energy wisely would definitely make our future brighter.

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