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How and Where Solar Lights for Outdoor can be Used or Installed | Hardoll Enterprises

Hardoll Solar Outdoor Lights is a good choice if you are looking forward to
reducing electricity bills. In this article we are going to discuss motion sensor
solar lights and how and where Solar Lights for Outdoor can be used or

Hardoll Solar Security Lights has plenty of varieties that can fit your
individual requirement. A few are mentioned below.

Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Lamps: The white sleek design of the Solar
Sensor Wall Lamp makes it popular amongst other Solar Outdoor Lights. It has
72 LED bulbs and 2 COB LED bulbs on the sides and comes with motion
sensor with a sensing distance of 8 meters and a sensing angle of 140 degree.
Made of IP65 grade ABS plastics, it is weather proof and is long lasting.

Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Security Street Lights: Solar Lanterns for Street with 10W COB
works with the help of 9V 5W solar panel and 18650 7.4V 8000MA lithium
battery. It has two intelligent modes – Sensor mode and Dim Light Sensor
Mode and microwave radar sensor with sensing range of 10 meters and 360
degree. Waterproof COB Solar Lights for Post gets charged automatically
during the day time and automatically lights up in the night.

Solar Motion Sensor Wall Lights: The black rectangular shape Solar
Motion Sensor Light has 136 LED pieces with 1800 lumens and has lights on
four sides of the light. It provides the brighter and wider lighting of all the other
Solar Lights for Security. The Solar Light has a 2W/5.5V solar panel that
works in 3.7V 4400 mAh battery. The Solar Light with Motion Sensor has three modes in which one mode turns on only when motion is sensed in the night and
in another mode the light simply turns on in dim light. In the third mode light
turns on in dim light and once the motion is detected it would become brighter
and stays so for 17- 20 seconds. The 136LED Automatic Solar Security Lights
are the best choice if you need lighting and also security in one purchase.

Hardoll Solar Security Lights are automatic and waterproof that can you’re
your money and are long-lasting too.

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Oct 24, 2020


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