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How Can I Estimate Solar For My Home

Installing rooftop solar panel systems answers the surging prices and energy crisis. You may find the initial installation cost expensive, but it will be the wisest decision you might have taken in your life. So, do not let installation costs stop you from going solar. It will soon be recovered, once you realize how much you can save on your monthly electricity bill. Maybe, you can even start thinking about a little bit of luxury that you might have been holding back from doing. Installing a rooftop solar panel for your home has another benefit. It will help to reduce heat in the summer. 

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Once you have decided to install a rooftop solar panel, the first step is to understand the energy requirements for your home. What electrical and electronic appliances do you need to work in solar? Once you have decided on them, you can decide on the size requirements of your solar panel. This is where you need the solar calculator. So, how do you calculate it?

This is how you do it. Calculating your solar panel needs means the solar array output. You can just use the formula:

solar array output = electricity consumption / (365 * solar hours in a day), where the electricity consumption is annually and expressed in kWh. 

To calculate the number of solar panels needed, 

required panels = solar array size * 1000 / (solar hours per day * panel output in watts).

Most the solar panel calculator helps you to calculate;

  • Number of solar panels you need to power your home
  • Cost of solar panels with subsidy and without subsidy
  • Solar panels required for 1kW
  • Solar panel energy is produced monthly, yearly, and lifetime
  • Monthly, yearly, and lifetime savings

Backed by a robust algorithm, Hardoll solar calculator estimates high accuracy, making it one of India's best and most efficient solar panel calculators. 

Note: Your rooftop layout is an important factor when it comes to the amount of energy produced. When you calculate, make sure you count out shady areas and small spaces where the installation is impossible.

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