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Sometimes even having a great garden or nice backyard would not be suffice to get you to stay outdoors. Here, we would discuss ways of making a garden more appealing to you. 

Even if it is a small green patch having a style of its own, be it a themed one or plain, having a proper structure and layout would be a pleasant sight. A well-designed landscape would do the trick. Though garden means nature, plants and garden decors arranged in harmony, to a great extent, a proper lighting could take your garden to the next level.

Make a visually appealing design keeping in mind the basic elements such as balance, rhythm, simplicity, unity and accent.The role of garden lighting in gardening is very important. Though your garden is colourful in day time, their beauty would not be visible in the darkness. Good and thoughtful lighting could enhance even the flowerless corners bright and fascinating at night. 

There is plenty of outdoor garden lighting available in the market. Most of the garden lighting is thankfully, automatic, waterproof and easy- to- install. Since garden lighting has to be stayed on for the entire night, electricity cost might be a concern for a few. Hardoll Solar Lights for Garden could help you light up your garden and outdoors without charging extra on your electricity bills.

Mentioned below are tips for garden lighting using the Solar Garden Lights from Hardoll.

Hang Solar String Lights for Decoration on your fence or compound walls to add glam to your premises.

Solar Decorative Lights wrapped up on the rails of the porch would add charm to your 


All time favourite Solar Stake Lights such as Multicolour LED Butterfly, Hummingbird, Dragonfly Solar Lights, Waterproof LED Dandelion, Lilly, Sunflower Garden Lights can give an instant face-lift to your flower beds and plain lawns.

Make your garden pathways more romantic with Solar Pathway Lights and the popular Solar Flame Lights add a rustic look to the pathways.

Solar Ground Lights used on the walls accentuate corners of the house as well as the prize plants. They are ideal for water bodies in your garden. Talking about water bodies,Solar Stud Lights is an excellent add on light to your pool side. They can also be installed on deck, patio and steps. Illuminating the trunk with these while lighting up foliage with string lights gives an excellent ambience to your outdoor space. Fixing them under the bushes highlight the underside of the plant.

Last but not the least, Solar Flood Lights can be used in the garden to brighten up the trees or particular part of the structure. It not only provides wider illumination but also security as they are always equipped with motion sensors. Gardening is a work of art for life and garden lighting could add more beauty to it. So, what is your plan for your garden?

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