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Know How and Where Solar Lights for Outdoor can be Used or Installed | Hardoll Enterprises

Hardoll Solar Outdoor Lights is a good choice for businesses, offices or houses that are looking forward to reducing electricity bills. In this article we are going to discuss how and where Solar Lights for Outdoor can be used or installed.

As we all know Solar Lights need sunlight to function. The energy trapped in the panels is released in the night. Hardoll Solar Lights for Home with independent panels can be moved around and is best suitable for outdoors.

Hardoll Solar Lights has plenty of Solar Light varieties that can fit your individual requirement. A few are mentioned below.

Solar Lights for Gate Post: Install Solar Pillar Lights for Gate at your entrance gate and it will provide light the entire night. They are available in three modes- White, Warm White, and Cool White. Installing them the entire stretch of your compound wall would make the pathway to your home well-lit.

solar pillar light

Solar Stud Lights for Road: You might think it is only for roads, but in fact they can also be installed vertically. Solar Ground Lights can be fixed on the ground or even fix them on the compound walls. Fixing them on both the sides of the pathway or the garden border wall from the gate to the porch would offer a pleasant sight indeed. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and White Colour Modes.

solar stud light

Solar Flood Lights for Outdoor Walls: Solar Flood Lights fixed on the four corners of your house compound would not only add to the aesthetic appearance of your home but also provide security. You will be wondering how a light can provide security? Solar Security Lights has a sensor that could detect motion within 26 feet and light up the premises. If you switch it on in motion sensor mode, it will light up in bright light and alert the household.

solar flood lights

In the next blog we will discuss more about other Hardoll Solar Light for Security and how to use them.

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