Reduce your Electricity Usage. Check out How Mumbaikars cut their Electricity Bills | Hardoll Enterprises - Hardoll

Reduce your Electricity Usage. Check out How Mumbaikars cut their Electricity Bills | Hardoll Enterprises

Nitu Goel founded TrueSun, a start up Solar Company to advocate clean energy solutions and provide it cheaper for every common man. Here, Nitu shares the experiences of her clientele and how they benefited from using solar energy. Let us find out how to reduce your electricity usage and how Mumbaikars cut their electricity bills.

According to Nitu, the founder of TrueSun, one can recover the invested amount in four to five years. Considering the lifespan of these solar installations one would get free power for 20 years.

Sameer Jagirdar, a resident of Kurla, contemplated going for solar for three years and now that he installed it, he felt the decision should have been made earlier. “There has been a substantial reduction in power bills, and minimal dependency on the grid electricity since,” said Sameer.

The decrease in the bill amount depends on how much area can be utilised. Let us go through the math. An electricity bill of Rs, 20,000 means 2,000 units in the meter. It requires a 20KWatt system in 2,000 sq feet. Nitu says, for 10,000 square feet solar dependency comes down by 50%.

Well, space or no space, Hardoll LED Solar Lights for Outdoor also helps in bringing down electricity bills. Hardoll Solar Outdoor Lights for Wall requires no space and no electricity. Waterproof Solar Garden Pathway Lights are easy to install too.

What is special about Solar Wall Lights for Home Garden Outdoor is that they are equipped with Motion Sensors. It could detect motion within a specific distance and alerts the household by lighting up in brighter mode. You also have multiple choices in Solar Lights for Gate Post Pillar.

Solar decoration lights

Not just Motion Sensor Security Solar Light for Home, Hardoll Solar Lights has a wide range of Solar Garden Lanterns that could revive your garden in a few minutes. Be it Butterfly Hummingbird Dragonfly Garden Lights or Sunflower Dandelion Lilly Lights for Garden you will go head over heels for the wonderful collection we have to offer.

Now that celebrations and festivals are here, why don’t you check out our Automatic Waterproof Solar String Decoration Lights? Crystal Ball, Waterdrop Lotus String Lights for Decoration would definitely steal the hearts of the onlookers.

When it comes to Hardoll Solar Lights for Home Outdoor you need not worry about space, or about the installation. As they are wireless, installation requires less effort. Just screw them up on the wall, post or pillar. As they are all made of high grade ABS plastics, they can withstand all weather conditions. So, no more pondering on when the best time is to install solar rather buy Hardoll Solar Light products and start saving money and the Earth.

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