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Solar Yellow Flashing Road Stud Lights for Street Ground Pathways | Hardoll Enterprises

Line up your community compound with Hardoll Solar LED Yellow Flashing Road Studs for Street Ground Pathways to highlight the vehicle track. It not only separates the lanes, but also adds beauty to the night view of the compound. Read further to know more about the uses of LED Solar Road Stud Lights.

Product Description of Solar Road Stud Lights

Considering the uses, Automatic Solar Road Stud Reflector Lights are highly important. It helps to delineate edges of the roads and the centre lines. It helps the drivers to keep on the track and to keep off the edges, thus preventing them from colliding vehicles in the other track.

Solar LED Reflector Lights have a 3W/2.5V mono-crystalline Solar panel that functions with the help of 1.2V/800mAh Ni-MH battery. Solar Ground Reflector automatically charges in the Sun when there is light and turns on automatically as it turns dark. Running over by heavy vehicles do not damage Solar Lights for Road as it has high shock resistance and can bear up to 20 tons of weight.

Waterproof Solar Lights that come in silver colour has 6 yellow LED lights that work in flashing mode. Made with high-quality cast aluminium, this robust light comes in IP67 waterproof quality. Hardoll Solar Ground Lights is ideal to use on garden pathways, deck, steps, and near swimming pools. Solar Stud Lights for Outdoor can be fixed vertically on the wall and even trees. Yet another cool use is that to fix near an artificial waterfall and see the magic glow reflecting the water.

How to Install and Use Solar Stud Lights

All you need to install Best Solar Stud Reflector Lights for Road is to screw the lights on the surface. It can be installed vertically and horizontally on both walls and trees. It can resist heat, dust, water, snow and frost and is durable. When you install Solar Lights for Outdoor, make sure it receives plenty of sunlight.


Money saving aspect and durability of the product with a 12 month warranty makes Hardoll Solar Yellow Flashing Road Stud Lights for Street Ground Pathways an ideal purchase for community compound driveway and for garden pathways.


 Solar Panel: 3W/2.5V mono-crystalline 
 Battery: 1.2V/800mAh Ni-MH
 Item Colour: Silver
 Working Mode: YELLOW Flashing
 Light source: 3 x 2pcs LED
 High shock resistance
 Safety: IP67
 Material: High Quality Cast Aluminium
 Auto On/Off Day & Night
 12 months Warranty

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