How much do you know about Solar Gate Post Lights? | Hardoll Solar Lights

Are you worried about the safety of your home at night, but still hesitant to install the light on the gate post? Hardoll LED Solar Gate Post Lights for Home is an ideal choice for having continuous lighting thus providing ample light throughout the night. Solar lights are essential in our day to day life as it makes use of free and renewable energy to charge its battery to give us electricity in our daily needs. Automatic Solar Lanterns for Pillar has a 19% highly efficient 5V/8W Monocrystalline solar panel through which solar energy is absorbed and charges 3.7V 6000mAh battery to produce 10-watt power, making this solar post light a very efficient outdoor light. Outdoor Solar Gate Lights charges automatically while the Sun is up and the stored energy is released in the night. Without us bothering to switch it on and off, it automatically switches on every night and switches off at the break of dawn.


Made of Aluminum and ABS Plastics with IP65 protection Weatherproof Solar Pillar Lamps for Garden can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, heat, snow, etc, making Hardoll Outdoor Solar Gate Post Lights, a durable and long-lasting solar light. Solar Home and Outdoor Post Lanterns come with advanced powerful 20 pieces SMD 3030 Philips LEDs ensuring brighter light in three color modes- Warm, Cool, White. You may choose from the desired light mode that suits the ambiance better. Security Lighting Pillar Road Wall Post is wireless and installing it is hassle-free. The Easy-to-install Solar Pillar Light can be screwed to the desired post, but always away from the shades and other light sources. You do not need any assistance from outside. All you need is to switch on the light and attach the light to the base. solar-pillar-light Arrange Solar Lights for Garden and light up your pathways. It not only helps you to see the obstacles clearly but also adds beauty to the garden. If you are keen to switch on the light throughout the night, without worrying about the electricity bill, Hardoll Pillar Solar Lights for Outdoor Garden can provide lighting and safety while giving an appeal to your home. What more, it even comes with a warranty of 12 months!


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