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Understanding About Solar Energy and Solar Panels

India is witnessing a rapid change in the approach towards renewable energy, especially solar energy. We can reap endless benefits from embracing solar power. With zero carbon emissions, it is not only greener and better for the Earth, but also creates self - efficiency. Solar technology is developing fast, making the expense of going solar drop quickly. Hence our capacity to obtain this clean energy is on the rise.

The secret behind the magic of solar energy is the solar panel. What is a solar panel and how is it relevant? Solar panel is a device used to trap the energy from the Sun and convert it into electricity. It is a panel that consists of smaller units called photovoltaic cells. The Sun emits photons that travel millions of miles to the Earth in 8.5 minutes. The photovoltaic cells capture them and convert them into energy, through a process called photovoltaic effect.

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How does it function?

Widely used crystalline silicon solar cells have layers of silicon, phosphorus and boron. The cells that are arranged in a grid-like pattern absorb photons and produce energy. This energy helps electrons to escape their atomic orbits and then enter into the electric field generated by solar cells.These free electrons are then pulled to form directional current. 

The solar panels installed on the rooftop on an average- sized house is enough to generate electricity for the household. The energy generated thus goes to the main power grid and can be used for household purposes. Having a net metering programme is an advantage, as it gives you money for the energy that is not used. 

A battery bank, charge controller and in some cases an inverter are necessary components. Direct current electricity is passed through the charge controller to the battery bank. It is then taken to the power inverter where direct current (DC) is converted into alternating current (AC). With the help of a power inverter, solar panel arrays can be sized to meet different electrical load requirements.

Having solar power installation in a remote place where there is no access to electricity is a great relief. You need not pay electricity bills and if it is properly maintained, it can last as long as three decades. You are not the only one to benefit.  Embracing cleaner energy for sustainability, you make the Earth a better place to live in.

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