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Ways to Secure Your Home and Assets with Simple Lightings | Hardoll Enterprises

Have you realized that you are spending a fortune just to feed your fear? We all have different worries about safety. Safety while driving, safety while living alone in a house. It is common to leave lights on in the compound to prevent burglars from entering. Can lights really provide security? Affirmative. Here we are going to discuss a few lights that could give you lighting and security without extra cost.


 Solar Garden Lights  Hardoll Motion Sensor Security Lights for Outdoor       (ML  142) 

 136 LED pieces in the Solar Outdoor Lights for Wall   illuminate your compound keeping burglars at bay. You can   either opt for continuous lighting or surprise the unwanted   visitors by choosing the motion sensor mode, which   automatically switches on the light when the movement is   detected. Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Lights can sense motion within a distance   of 26 feet at an angle of 140 degrees. 3.7V 4400mAh Li-ion battery charges   2W/5.5V the solar panel during the day and lights up at night without costing you an   extra buck. Made of IP65, it is both water-resistant and heat resistant.


Hardoll Automatic Solar Security Lights for Home (ML 145)

Geometrical shape Solar Wall Light for Security is ideal to fix on to the sidewalls of your home offering complete security. The light could automatically turn on when motion is detected within 26 feet, at an angle of 140 degrees and stay on till 30 sec. Automatic Solar Lights have 5.5V/2W solar panel with 3.7V 2200mAh Li-ion battery and charges during the day and emit light during the night.


Hardoll Home Security Solar Lights (ML 133 WF)

Wood finish Solar Security lights for Garden can be mounted on the wall of the house or compound and can provide security and light throughout the night. It can sense movement within 26 feet, at an angle of 140 degrees. Made of IP 65 plastics Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights is weatherproof and can survive the harsh climate. Buy Security Solar Lights and you will no longer require a night guard at your home



zHardoll Solar Security Lights for Outdoor (MWSL 56W)

56pieces of LED bulbs with 8W and 1000Lumens can give sufficient warm white light in your compound. With 360 degrees coverage, the Microwave Radar Sensor in the light can sense movement within 28 feet and lights up automatically. The golden color coating of the light blends with the posh exterior of your house and adds to the glam. The Waterproof Solar Lights for Outdoor is made of aluminum alloy that provides durability even if it is exposed to harsh weather.



Hardoll Solar Security Garden Lights (ML 139)

The square-shaped Motion Sensor Light is yet another Solar Outdoor Light for Security in a smaller size. Powered with a 3.7V 1200mAh battery, the 5V/0.5W solar panel absorbs solar energy and lights up the area in the night. 20pieces of LED bulbs with 4W power and 300 lumens each can give you plenty of light. PIR Sensor enabled light can sense movement within 25 feet at an angle of 120 degrees. If you want to cut down electricity, buying Rechargeable LED Solar Lights is a smart choice. Fear of security is normal but how you handle it is what matters. Buy Best Solar Outdoor Lights for Security, and sleep tight.

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