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Why do Hardoll use LED Lights in Solar Lights for Home? | Hardoll Enterprises

Why does Hardoll use LED Lights in Solar Lights for Home? What you see in the LED Hardoll Solar Lights is the harmonious combination of nature and technology. We will go through a detailed explanation about Solar Energy and LED Technology.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy, which is a renewable energy, is trapped with the help of photovoltaic cells in the solar panel. It is then converted to electricity with the help of a battery to light up the LEDs in the Solar Outdoor Lights at night.



LED or Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor device that helps to change electricity into light. LEDs are energy efficient and cost-effective. LED lights use 85% less energy compared to sodium lamps and halogen lamps. White light is considered good for the human eye and it requires a lot of electricity for an incandescent bulb to create it. Not to mention about the heat it produces.


Benefit of using LED in Solar Lights

The benefit of using LED in Solar Lights for Home Outdoor is the brightness of the light with great intensity. Hence using Solar Lights for Street on Road is ideal.  Let us see in detail the benefits of using Automatic Solar Garden Lights for Home Outdoor.

They are;
·         Cost-effective
·         Eco-friendly
·         Brighter Light
·         No Carbon dioxide emission
·         No Pollution
·         Lesser Maintenance
·         Easy- to- Install
·         Wireless

The fact that LED lights are efficient and solar energy a better substitute to the other renewable resources makes LED lights and solar energy a good combination for Home Lightings. This is also the reason Why Hardoll uses LED Lights in Solar Lights for Home.


Jun 05, 2021

Thanks for sharing such an informative blog about the basics and benefits of Solar LED Lighting. I totally agree with the concept of using solar light instead of using street light which will reduce the cost. I would like to come up with the point that some solar lights are equipped with CCTV which is beneficial for the people living in the society. Silan Solar gives us the best and affordable solar lights.

Oct 24, 2020

Nice Article, Thank you so much for sharing is useful information. After reading this blog my all doubts are cleared.

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