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If you are living in an apartment and want to make your balcony garden attractive, think no further. Hardoll Solar Garden Decoration Lights Outdoor Dandelion Lilly Sunflower that comes with stake can be pushed down into planters. You will have a wonderful view at night for sure.

Product Description of Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Decoration Lights has amorphous panel that works in AA 600mAh N-1Mh battery. Garden Solar Stake Lights is 57 cm in length so that you can push it down in the soil with no hesitation. Automatic Garden Decoration Lights for Outdoor gets charged during the day under the Sun and stay on continuously throughout the night, without you bothering to switch on or off. Hardoll Solar Garden Decoration Lights Outdoor Dandelion Lilly Sunflower lights up your garden in three colours –red, blue and green and arranges marvellous ambience in the night.

How to Install and Use Outdoor Solar Decoration Lights for Garden

Installation of Best Solar Garden Decorative Lights is done in three steps. First switch on the light and attach the light to the pole. Push the stake into the ground. Remember to plant it where it gets the direct sunlight and also away from the other light sources. Hardoll Solar Decoration Garden Lights is ideal for lawn, flowerbed and even planters. It has no wires to trip and fall. Hence arranging them in the lawn will not hinder your movement. As Waterproof Outdoor Garden Lights is made of plastics and stainless steel with IP44 safety, it is water-resistant, durable and comes with a warranty of 6 months.


Decorating your garden has never been easy before. Be it a balcony garden or a tiny patch of green; be on a flower bed or even in a planter, Hardoll Solar Garden Decoration Lights Outdoor Dandelion Lilly Sunflower can make your space both beautiful and colourful.


Solar panel: Amorphous
Battery: AA 600mAh N-1Mh
Length: 57cm
Package: Set of 3
Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel
Safety: Waterproof (IP44)
Warranty: 6 Months

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