Ā As customers interact with our website, we consider this our responsibility to protect their privacy. Our website collects the personal information of customers like the name, address, telephone number, and email, etc. When the customer visits our online store we collect the computerā€™s internet protocol (IP) address and that helps us to know what operating system as well as the browser the customer is using. The information collected by us is the most relevant and authentic. Therefore, we highly value the private data given to us by our customers.

We first take the consent of the customers to complete a transaction, place an order, and verify the debit/credit card or any other preferred payment method. After that arrange for a delivery or return of a product. However, sometimes the information we collect is just for marketing purposes. In that case, we also take the customer's consent. If the customer for any reason wants to withdraw his consent, then he or she can contact us through the email address. We welcome all comments and suggestions related to our products and services.

Ā Data collection:

The data we collect about you includes your name, company name, telephone number, email address, and any postal addresses that you provide. Apart from that we also collect fax number, delivery address, payment details, bank account details, and debit or credit card details. We will also inform you about your product's tentative delivery date of the order. All this information will be taken from you at the time you make a purchase with us or contact us through the contact us page. Atelierlz3D collects this data to serve you in a better way. We are an authentic, licensed, and registered online store with a proper legal status.

What we do with customers data:

The information we collect through customers is to know their needs and preferences. We can use the information to improve our products and service quality. By visiting the website one can sign up for the newsletter and subscribe to get special offers, discounts, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. We can send them promotional emails about our new products, sculptures, and figurines, etc. We can also contact you through email, phone, fax, or mail, etc., for market research purposes. In this manner, we can customize the website according to your interests and preferences.

Ā Order details and customer account:

All the order details are stored in the valid customer account. Your account has a username and password and in it, all your past and future order details are stored. When the customer sign in, therefore, he or she can access the data anytime. The customer is responsible for his or her username and password unless we have been found guilty of leaking the userā€™s private information.

Ā Security of customers personal data:

Our website uses the latest security protocols. The data is stored with sophisticated secure servers with efficient password and firewall protection. It is recommended that customers should not provide any debit/credit card information on encrypted or inaccurate electronic communications as a customer. We always take reasonable precautions to take care of the customerā€™s information and data. By using SSL technology, we encrypt all electronic transactions you do with us. However, you as a customer should protect your username and password as over the internet data transmission is quite insecure.

Ā Accessing our website through a mobile device:

When you visit our website through a mobile device, then we will collect the data related to your location and mobile device. It also collects a unique identifier for your device. Through the information, we gather from a mobile device we can customize our services, all types of content, and marketing for your location. The information we collect also helps us to provide you with better customer support. It will make our services more efficient for the new as well as the existing customers.

Ā Purchases made by customers and payment processors:

Sometimes customers pay through third-party services like Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal, Perfect Money, Amazon Pay, or other third-party payment services. The information which this third party collects is not available to us related to your payment processing. It is your responsibility as the customer to read the third-party privacy policy before submitting any information.

Ā Link related third-party websites:

Hardoll can contain links to third party websites. However, their privacy policy might differ from us so the submitted data to those sites is not subject to our privacy policy. When you visit any third party website so you must read their privacy policy. We may also use third parties and might collect your information as well. For instance, delivering products to you, collecting payments, to analyze data, and to provide us with marketing or customer service assistance, we can use the services of third parties.

Ā Uses, sharing, and disclosure of information:

Without the customer's consent, we will not disclose your name, email address, and other information to third parties. We will process your information in certain ways to only provide you the services. Secondly, we will only use your information when you give us consent in some special circumstances. Third, we can use the information only for the legitimate interest that is beneficial for customers.

Ā Customer Rights:

It is the right of a customer to manage, change, limit, or delete personal information. They can do this by contacting us or through their account settings. If the customer visits their account settings, however, they can correct, change, or modify some information. In some circumstances as a customer, you have the right to limit or restrict the ways we process your personal information.

Changes in the privacy policy:

As an online store, we have the right to make any changes or make modifications from time to time. If we make any changes we will update it promptly. It will be posted on this page. The changes or amendments will be notified to you by e-mail. As a customer and user of a website, it is your responsibility to check this page frequently.