This website is operated by Hardoll Enterprises LLP. The following are the terms and conditions of Hardoll. The terms described as “we”, “us” and “our” here refer to our website. We can interact with our customers through email, phone, or printed communication like brochures, documents, etc. You must agree to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned below. When you purchase something from our store, it means that you are bound by the terms written in this document. To use this site, first, you need to agree to these terms.

 Details on the website:

It is our responsibility to take care of the details provided on our website related to a particular item, its description, and images online. The correct information must be provided related to colors, appearances, and textures, etc.

 Unable to accept an order:

We are unable to accept an order if the items are out of stock. Order acceptance is also not possible when there is a problem with your payment method. It becomes difficult for us to accept an order if we suspect that your payment may be fraudulent or we are unable to authorize it. Other reasons might be the customer validation failure or pricing or product description error.

 Customer registration:

It is the responsibility of the customers to maintain confidentiality and the secrecy of their username and password. You are responsible for all activities that will happen under your username and password. As a customer, you should provide accurate information and must not misrepresent your identity. In the case of false information, the customer can block your website access.

 Our pricing and content information:

Hardoll always strives to provide accurate pricing information. We provide highly competitive prices and try to review them regularly. Our main motive is to provide accurate product descriptions with error-free and good quality content.

 Use of personal information:

We use the customer’s personal information as it is stated in our privacy policy. Please when you visit our website do read our privacy policy as it includes some important information which is beneficial for the customers in the long run.

 Cancellation rights:

Customers have a legal right to change their minds. If for any reason they do not want the product, they can notify us and can get a refund. On the contrary, if the product is personalized and made according to your specifications so you cannot change your mind.

 The listing description on the website:

The website listing description shows that all products and items we sell must comply with Hardoll’s published policies. It also tells that we are the legal seller of the items available on the site. Accurate product with proper text descriptions, pictures, and other relevant content should be available. All items must be placed in their proper categories.

 Eligibility to use the site:

It is a requirement that to use our site, you should be 18 years old. By accessing our site, you give us the surety that you are 18 or more than 18 years old. Anyone using the site under 18 is strictly prohibited.

 Delivery options:

When you purchase a product or any decoration item from our site then some delivery options will be presented by our site. Although we provide the estimated time of delivery, your products or items can be delayed due to external factors like courier delay, etc.

 Some general conditions:

It is our right as a company to refuse anyone the service anytime without giving them the reason. You must agree not to duplicate, sell, copy, or reproduce any portion of the service of this website.

 Changes and modifications in prices and services:

We at any time can change or modify the product or item prices without any notice. As a company, it is our right to discontinue any product or service. We are not liable to any third party and the customers for any changes, modifications, and price change, etc.

 Accuracy of account information and billing:

We have the right to refuse any order placed by the customer. Cancelling quantities purchased per person, per household, or per order can be done by us. For all purchases, customers must provide correct information. You must update your account information and any other billing information. It includes your email address and credit card numbers, etc.

 Right of return:

If you are not satisfied with the product, then you can return that product to us. This right of return starts when your order is delivered to you. Within this time frame, you can return the product but the shipping charges will be your responsibility as a customer. The product or item must be returned in its original condition without any damage.

Intellectual ownership:

All the content on the website including content, pictures, illustrations, brand names is the company property. The company has intellectual ownership and will not allow any third party to duplicate, copy, or distribute its content.

 Comments and feedback:

The comments and feedback left by the customer on our website are carefully screened by the company. If the comments are inappropriate, thus the company reserves the right to filter or modify it.


The information, content and materials provided by Hardoll is for general purpose only. We endeavor to keep all the information accurate and up-to-date. We make no warranties of any kind, either express or implied about the content, accuracy, reliability, validity, and legality with respect to the website and the graphics present on the website and the names of the models used by us on this website are imaginary and not real. Every effort is made to keep the website up, error free and running smoothly.