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24LED Motion Sensor Solar Automatic Wall Lights for Home Outdoor Garden

We all know burglars or animals keep away from a well-lit compound. What if the light itself can sense the approach of any strangers and alert the household on time? 24LED Motion Sensor Solar Automatic Wall Lights for Home Outdoor Garden is one such light. Install them on the exterior walls of your home and ensure security along with brightly lit outdoors.


Product Description of the Automatic Solar Security Lamps for Home

LED Solar Lights equipped with motion sensors work on a 5.5V/1W solar panel and a 3.7V 2200mAh battery. The Solar Outdoor Wall Lights has an eye-appealing design with wood finish that would suit any type of architectural design. It comes with 24 LEDs of 3.4W and 500 Lumens. The Solar Security Lights for Outdoor gets charged under the Sun during the day and releases the energy stored during the night, illuminating your compound.

Equipped with Motion Sensor, Solar Wall Lanterns for Outdoor can sense movements within a range of 26 feet and an angle within 140 degrees. As soon as the movement is detected, it would light up and stay on for 20 seconds. Made of IP65ABS plastics it is designed to withstand even the harsh climate making it one of the best Solar Outdoor Lights in India. 

How to Install and Maintain Solar Sensor Lights for Outdoor Security

Motion Sensor Wall Lights can be installed on the wall where it gets ample sunlight. This wireless LED Wall Lights are screwed to the wall with the screws that are provided with the package. Read the instructions in the user manual carefully and follow it for the proper functioning of the Solar Lights

Waterproof Solar Lights for Outdoor Walls should not be placed under the shades of the trees or buildings which would hinder the proper absorption of the sunlight. Yet another thing you should keep in mind when you install solar lights is that they should be placed away from the other light sources. As Hardoll Solar Lights work only when darkness is sensed, placing a solar light near the other lights would confuse the light.


Other than the product cost, you are absolutely saving money right from the installation where you need not hire any assistance from outside and to the payment of electricity bills as it works on solar energy. The 24LED Motion Sensor Solar Automatic Wall Lights for Home Outdoor Garden comes with a warranty of 12 months.


Solar Panel: 5.5 V/1W 

Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh 

LED: 24 Pcs 

Power: 4.8 W 

Lumens: 528

Safety: Waterproof (IP65)

Sensing Distance: 6-8 feet

Sensing Angle: 140 Degrees

Delay Time: 20 Seconds

Warranty: 12 Months

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