Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1). How do I order a product?

You can place the order directly on our website here or visit www.amazon.in/hardoll to place orders

2). How do I get my product delivered?

The products will be delivered all over India through our courier partners.

3). Within how many days will the product be delivered?

The product will be generally delivered to most places within 3-4 working days. However it might take 6-8 days to remote areas.

4). What is the return policy?

We provide 10 days return and replacement guarantee

5). What is the warranty period of the products?

The warranty ranges from 3 months to 12 months depending upon the model of the product.

6). How to avail warranty for products?

You can contact our customer service team at support@hardollenterprises.com along with your order number and invoice.

7). How does a solar light work?

The solar panel of the light absorbs solar energy during day and gets the inbuilt battery charged. During night the lights automatically turns ON.

8). How long will the light work?

Most of the lights work for 6-8 hours or even more depending the product model if charged for whole day under direct sunlight.

9). How long solar powered lights last?

The life of solar lights is generally 3 - 5 years with minimum cost of maintenance

10). Do solar lights need sun or just light?

The solar light gets charged under lights but requires to be charged under direct sunlight for optimum charging.

11). What to do when solar lights stop working?

Clean the Solar Panel and move it to another location where it can get direct sunlight for min 6 - 8 hours. Still if the light doesn’t work you can contact our customer service for repair.

12). How to test whether a solar light is working upon receiving the product?

Switch on the light and cover the solar panel to test the light during day time.

13). How does a motion sensor light function?

A motion sensor light glows automatically when motion is detected. So it is the best choice for security lighting

14). Is the Solar Panel equipped with daylight sensor?


15). What is the battery life?

The batteries have a life of 3-5 years but it is recommended to replace batteries every 3 years for the efficient functioning of the light. (Note: Life of Lithium Polymer batteries are 5 years)

16). How to switch ON the light and choose the modes?

There is a switch on the back of the unit to turn the light ON and change the modes. Refer the product manual which came along with the product.

17). How much time does the battery take to get fully charged?

6-8 hours

18). What is the recommended height for installing the light?

6-8 Ft for motion sensor lights

19). Can the light turn ON at night and turn OFF in the morning automatically?


20). How do we install the light?

Simply install the screws comes with the light on the wall and hang it on the screws. Make sure you install it in such a place that it will get direct sun light at least for 8 hours a day.

21). How to operate the light?

There is a single multi-function switch behind light for ON/OFF/Change the modes. Once you set which mode to operate, it start working automatically during day and night

22). Are the lights waterproof?


23). Will the light work in rainy season?

Yes, but the hours of lighting will be lesser due to reduced time of charging.

24). What are the components of the light?

The light consist of inbuilt LEDs, solar panel, sensor and battery.

25). What are the types of motion sensors used?

PIR Sensor and Microwave Radar Sensor depending the model

26). What is the difference between PIR sensor and Microwave radar sensor?

PIR sensor detects motion within a distance of 6-8 meters and covers an angle up to 180 degrees. It is temperature dependent and works best at a temperature of 24 degree Celsius or less.
Microwave Radar Sensor detects motion within a distance of 8-10 meters and covers an angle of 360 degrees and NOT temperature dependent

27). For some lights only few LEDs glow in dim mode. Is this a defect?

No. This is completely normal and is just a different way of manufacturing to save the energy. Once the motion is detected, all the LEDs will illuminate.

28). Are the LEDs replaceable?


29). What are the types of solar panels used?

Mono crystalline or Polycrystalline depending the model

30). How much weight can Hardoll Solar Road Studs bear?

Up to 30 Tons

31). What are the color options available for solar road studs?

We have road studs with different colors and modes:
White Steady, Blue Steady, Blue Flashing, Red Flashing, Yellow Flashing and contact us for any other colors.

32). What if any issue occur with the light after the warranty period?

You can send the light to our service center and get it repaired. However after-warranty servicing is chargeable.

33). Are lights with detachable solar panel available?

Yes. Three of our models have detachable panels (ML-109, ML-110, ML-5W).

34). Can the lights be used as indoor lights?

Yes. The models with detachable panel can be used as indoor lights.

35). Are lights with continuous lighting available?

Most of our lights provide continuous lighting in Dime mode.
Our pillar lights have battery backup of 2 days and can glow continuously
Models ML-110 and ML-109 can provide continuous lighting up to 4 hours by adjusting the LUX settings. And few of our new décor lights has up to 45 hours of back up.

36). Are solar street lights available?


37). Are solar pillar lamps available?


38). Are solar garden lights available?


39). Are solar decoration or Diwali lights available?


40). What are the materials used for manufacturing?

We use ABS Plastic, Aluminium Alloy and Cast Aluminium.

41). Are lights available in warm white color?


42). What are the types of batteries used?

Li-Ion, Ni-MH, LiFePO4

43). What if someone steal my light?

This is basically a motion sensor light. It is designed to light up when any motion is detected. If someone comes near the light will automatically glow and scare away the intruder.

44). What is the time delay of motion sensor lights?

Most of the lights have a time delay of 20-30 seconds. The time delay can be manually adjusted for models ML-109 and ML-110 (from 8 seconds to 2 minutes).

45). Are the lights useful as corporate gifts?

Yes. With the purpose of promoting renewable energy these lights best suits the purpose of corporate gifting

46). I want to install a solar lighting system in my house. Will you do it?

Yes. We have a separate wing for that. For more details contact +91 8304997755

47). What comes under the warranty coverage?

We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any product that proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period. If your product is no longer being manufactured or is out of stock, we may replace your product with a comparable or improved product at our option.

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, theft, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. It doesn’t cover cosmetic or incidental damages. Also, the warranty will not apply to damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product.

48). What does the motion sensor detect?

Humans, animals and vehicles etc.

49). What are the shipping package contents?

The shipping package includes the light, installing aids and user manual.

50). How do I take care of my outdoor solar lighting?
Make sure you periodically clean the solar panel (Preferably twice in a month) from dust or mud, so they can easily store energy for the night. 

51). What are the benefits of outdoor solar lighting? 

DIY Installation, No wiring required, No electricity requirement, easy to handle, eco-friendly, safe

52). Can you reach our services by calling?

Yes, Kindly call on 73061 10566.