Best Solar Road Stud Ground Lights to Decorate Deck Pathways Driveways | Hardoll Enterprises - Hardoll

Best Solar Road Stud Ground Lights to Decorate Deck Pathways Driveways | Hardoll Enterprises

If you are looking for low cost, quick- to-install lighting solutions to decorateĀ  yourĀ garden pathways and driveways, Hardoll Solar Road Stud Ground Lights is theĀ safest best. Read further to know how it becomes a better option.

Get to know Solar Ground Lights for Outdoor

It comes with 0.25W solar panel that charges automatically during the day. TheĀ energy thus stored is with help of an efficient 1.2V/800mAh Ni-MH battery. SolarĀ Garden Lights that comes in silver colour gives out white light and is ideal to install along the pathways, driveways and the pool. Solar Garden Lights for Outdoor turns on automatically during the night and turns off during the day. As they say size is not everything, this tiny solar light for the street road that weighs just 280 gram per piece can withstand about 30 tons of weight.

Best Solar Road Stud Ground Lights

How to Install and Use LED Solar Ground Lights for Garden

Hardoll Solar Road Stud Ground Lights is quick and easy to install. All you needĀ is to screw these tiny yet mighty lights wherever you want. Make sure you installĀ them where there is no shade and not near lights. Keeping solar lights near the other lights might confuse the sensor. Once sensor senses light, it may not turn on as you know Automatic Solar Stud Lights for Roads Streets lights up only when the darkness sets in. Keeping them in the shades prevent solar panel from absorbing the sunlight.

Outdoor Solar Stud Lights can be installed vertically on the wall or even on theĀ trees. Made of high-quality aluminium casting frame with waterproof quality of IP68, Waterproof Solar Outdoor Lights can withstand adverse weather conditions. The bright white light it produces can be seen even when the visibility is low.


Solar Ground Lights are cost-effective, easy to install, and require no wires orĀ special maintenance. Though they are designed for road safety, Solar StudĀ Lights are ideal for garden pathways, driveways, patio, and steps. If aesthetically arranged on the wall, Hardoll Solar Road Stud Ground Lights can act asĀ ambient lighting.


Solar Panel: 0.25W
Battery: 1.2V/800mAh Ni-MH
Colour: White
LED: 6
Mode: Steady
Weight: 280g/pc
Capacity: 30 tons bearable weight
Material: High-Quality Aluminium Casting frame
Safety: IP68
Warranty: 6 months

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