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Best Solar Waterproof Pathway Lights for Home Garden Outdoor | Hardoll Enterprises

Make your pathways to home beautiful with Hardoll LED Solar Waterproof Pathway Lights for Home Garden Outdoor. You can also use Solar Pathway Lights as border lights for your garden.

Product Description of Solar Pathway Lights for Garden

Before making a purchase, it is always good to have an understanding about the product. Let us find out how it can be an ideal purchase for you. Automatic Solar Garden Pathway Lights have a mono crystal panel and work with a AA 600mAh NI-MH battery. Solar panel absorbs solar energy automatically and the energy thus stored with the help of the battery is released in the night. Absolutely no traditional electricity is required for the functioning of these Solar Garden Lanterns. Hence installing Waterproof Solar Garden Lights absolutely saves money on your electricity bills. Solar Lights not only charges automatically
but also turns on automatically when it turns dark and turns off automatically at the break of dawn.

Solar Pathway Lights

LED Garden Lights has one LED white light with 5 lumens and can give you ample light. Made of IP44 grade ABS plastics, the Solar Lights for Garden is waterproof and can withstand rain and the Sun. It comes in the size of 12*12*44 cm.

How to Install and Use Solar Lights for Garden Pathways

Installing Hardoll Solar Garden Lights is not a big deal. Switch on the light. Attach the light to a stake and all you need is to push down the stake in the soil. It has no cable extensions and hence there would be no tripping and no electrical shocks. Keep in the Sun and charge for 8 hours continuously before the initial use. Make sure you place these lights under direct Sun so that they can absorb energy and function properly. As the Solar Lamps for Garden light up only when they sense darkness, it has to be placed away from other lights and the shaded areas. Clean the solar panel regularly for the effective functioning of the lights.


Buying Hardoll LED Solar Waterproof Pathway Lights for Home Garden Outdoor is a great idea if you want to light up your outdoor for a lesser cost. Modern design in cool black would certainly blend in with the beauty of your home. Line them up as border lights or just arrange three or four lights in a pattern as you please and they would make a wonderful garden decoration light for sure.


Solar Panel: Mono crystal
Battery: AA 600mAh NI-MH
Light: 5 Lumens
Colour: Cool White/Warm White
Material: ABS Plastics
Safety: IP 44 Water proof
Product Size: 12*12*44 cm
Warranty: 3 Months

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