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Best LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights for Home Outdoor in 2020 

If you are looking to take your home security to the next level, installing motion sensor lights could achieve it. Whatever the climate may be, having Best LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights for Home Outdoor in 2020 around is a great help.

Check out the Best Solar Motion Sensor Lights for Outdoor and pick your choice.


Hardoll 136 LED Motion Sensor Lights

With 136 LED just one light is enough to provide brighter illumination over a vast area. Solar Sensor Lights for Home has three intelligent modes such as Sensor Mode, Continuous Mode, and Sensor + Dim Mode. In Sensor Mode, it would light up only when the motion is sensed and stay on for 30 seconds. In Continuous Mode, it would stay on continuously while in Sensor + Dim Mode it would stay on in dim mode and once it senses motion it would light up brightly. Sensor Lights for Outdoor can sense movement within 26 feet and covers an angle of 140 degrees. With an IP65 waterproof rating, it is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting.

Aootek 120 LED Solar Lights 

Surround your home with Solar Security Lamps powered by motion sensors and check on whom or what sneaks into your compound. What is best about Motion Sensor Lights is that it has three modes – Security mode, Smart Brightness Mode, and Permanent Mode. In the Security Mode, have the light would shine for 15 seconds as soon as it detects motion while in the Smart Brightness Mode, it would switch on in dim mode and when there is motion, it turns brighter. In the Permanent Mode, the light stays on continuously.

Security Sensor Lights for Outdoor detects people or objects within 26 feet at an angle of 120 degrees. The 120 LED Light has IP65 rated waterproofing that helps to withstand snow, frost, and rain.

Litom 300 LED Solar Lights 

With a 270 beam range and a powerful 300 LED array, Solar Motion Lights is the best one to cover a vast space. Like the first one in the list, it also has a detecting range of 26 feet within 120-degree angle and comes with three modes such as strong, medium, and dim. You can be confident about placing this IP67 waterproof design Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights for Garden anywhere in your compound. 

Hardoll 32 LED Solar Sensor Lights 

Though a small light it has an excellent design and is also efficient in serving the purpose. Solar Sensor Garden Lanterns that come with a single mode, which is motion sensor mode lights up only when any movement is detected. It has a sensing range of 26 feet and a sensing angle of 140 degrees, which is higher than the larger lights mentioned in the list. Solar Security Outdoor Lights also come with IP65 and has the same endurance as other lights.

Sezac 50 LED Solar Lights

50 LED Solar Lights is ideal for lighting up a smaller area. It also has three lighting modes like other lights. Though it has a better angle coverage than others, which is 150 degrees, it can detect motion only up to 16 feet. 

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