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Steps to Reduce Electricity Bills in Summer

The time of year is here when the temperatures rise and you feel your air conditioning is not good enough to cool you. Adding to the trouble, your electricity bills are soaring high. But then it rises in the winter too as you need to turn on heating and the usage of geysers is inevitable. In Summer, at least you can have some benefits. Here, we discuss some small but useful tips to save on electricity bills.

Use Solar Lights

Yes, that is the primary and the most effective option to reduce your electricity bills in the summer. Install solar panels on your roof top and save yourself from the misery of spending a fortune on electricity bills. There is no better time than summer when you get ample sunlight. There are a lot of high-quality solar lights available in the markets. You can also install solar lights outdoors so that a part of the electricity bill is reduced. Those lights get charged in the Sun during the day time and lights up at night. In short, you get free energy when you need it. There are also emergency power lamps for indoors.

Solar Light for Home

Use LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are energy efficient and are a constantly developing lighting technology. They are durable and in comparison to incandescent lights, it emits less heat. The incandescent bulb gives out 90% heat making your room hotter whereas LED gives out only 80%. What is more important is, incandescent light requires a lot of energy to light up while LED does not consume so much energy, which brings a great change in the amount you are going to pay. Not only it saves energy but also lasts longer than a CFL or an incandescent light. A good quality LED will last 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb, making it a good choice for your household.

Use Ceiling Fans

The air-conditioners consume more energy than any other household electronic appliances. Ceiling fans are a much better alternative and help you to get used to the temperatures outside. It will also help in the circulation of the air inside the room bringing down the temperature to an extent. You can also adopt the method of switching on the air conditioner for some time and then switch on the ceiling fan so that the room will still remain cool.

Plant Trees

Planting trees in your premises, especially on the side where you get plenty of sunlight is effective to block heat coming through windows. It gives shades and brings cool air into the house.

This summer, think of the best alternatives to save energy and save money. Invest in solar lights and harvest more solar energy.

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May 05, 2022

This is something I was searching for many days. My thirst has been quenched now after reading your article. I am highly thankful to you for writing this article.

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