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Three Head-turning Solar Products to Check Out this Summer of 2021

Solar energy continues to astonish us by reminding us how effectively and aesthetically it can be blended into our daily lives. Read about Three Head-turning Solar Products to Check Out this Summer of 2021.

No patio is complete without an umbrella. It serves the purpose during the day, but what about at night? Well, this new LED solar-powered patio umbrella does not simply block the Sun but also absorbs energy, so that it can be useful at night too. This 10-foot solar-powered LED patio umbrella is equipped with 24 LEDs that could make you spend days and nights outside in Summer. It can be rotated up to a 360-degree angle to block the Sun efficiently and is waterproof, thanks to the weather-resistant polyester fabric that it is made of. The patio umbrella comes with a vent that would keep the air flowing and has a sturdy powder-coated rod that is rust and scratch-free. This umbrella is ideal on the garden, deck or driveway. 

Solar Lights Outdoor

 Solar Lights Outdoor

MPOWERD has its share of solar products too such as inflatable solar lights, solar string lights, and solar task light with an adjustable arm to position the light according to the use. Now, they have come with yet another innovative product called Luci Solar Bike Light Set, a set of headlight and taillight with two adjustable bands that could be used to fix the lights to the bike. Luci Solar Bike Light Set can be charged by solar panel and USB. The headlight has 100 lumens while the taillight has 40 lumens, both have four modes - low, medium, high and flashing. The magnetic smart system design connects head and tail lights together so that taillight charges off of the headlight’s power. Be an avid cyclist or a commuter, Luci Solar Bike Light Set gives a clean, reliable, and easy-to-carry light for a sustainable ride.

If solar energy is a natural wonder in itself, the ‘Little Sun’ is ‘ a work of art that works in life’ created by an internationally famous artist Olafar Eliasson. He designed this cute solar light in 2012 together with Frederick Ottessen, a solar engineer as part of a design, social justice and environmental activism project in Ethiopia. Though the yellow ‘Little Sun’ resembles the Sun, it also refers to Meskel Daisy that stands for positivity and beauty, in Ethiopia. The project has distributed over 1.2 million solar devices to the teachers, students and health workers all around the world who has no means for electricity. Additionally, it also has enlightened people on the 

benefits of solar power and how it is beneficial in terms of climate change. Presently, ‘ Little Sun’, gifted by George.R.Kravis II is at display in NOMA - New Orleans Museum of Art with other contemporary design objects.

While world continues to marvel at the inexhaustible energy of the Sun, innovative brains are busy to incorporate technology, creativity and necessity efficiently to produce hi-tech solar products that are essential in our daily lives. 


Apr 20, 2021
Vishal Khanna

Thanks for contest Option A, Olafar Eliasson is the one which is right. Thanks for incredibleknowledge. #SolarLightsforGarden

Apr 20, 2021
Madhvi Handa

I am biggest lover of hardoll .best quality

Apr 20, 2021
Kanchan Kr Chatterjee

I’ve been on a boat almost half powered by solar panels and wind turbines. The top of the back of the boat was just 4 wind turbine things. And there was a deck that had a shade cover made of solar panels. All boats should be like that one.#Contest #ContestAlert #ContestInIndia #Win

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