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An Ashram in Tehri Garhwal Gets Solar Update

We have read about a solar storage system to store fresh produce in the Muzaffarpur District of Bihar. The idea seems to be just fine for those inaccessible locations like hilly areas and guess what, a small ashram in the hills of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Loom Solar has installed a solar plus storage system powered by 5kWh (100Ah/51.2V) Atom lithium battery. It is supported by a 5kVA high-frequency design (string) inverter to function 6x440W Shark Super high-efficiency PV panels.

Solar Led Lights for Garden

Solar Led Lights for Garden

It gives up to 3 kW and storage capacity is 5 kWh helping the residents to consume 500 watts at the same time. The ashram residents can power LED lights, BLDC ceiling fans, TV set, and power socket. From hot showers to running the electronic appliances, people at the ashram can do their daily tasks with much ease now, not to mention how useful it is to have lights all around the place considering the wild animals in the area. While residents are happy about the result, employees at Loom Solar have the story of hardships to tell. Getting the products to the hilltop was a himalayan task. The workers had to walk about 1.5 kilometers uphill carrying the machineries, fabrication materials. Another hurdle they had to pass was the access to grid power, which they had to manage from 1.5 km away with the help of AC cables. To tighten M10 fasteners on rooftop installation required electricity. Network connectivity and the unavailability of electrical supplies were other factors, making it difficult for the coordination of the team. They had to travel 5km to buy even a small screw.

There is always another option and may be an easier one to install solar lights. Solar lights now available are very easy to install and come with motion sensors. All you need is to screw them up to the surface where it gets plenty of sunlight. Motion Sensors in the solar light can ward off wandering wild animals too.

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