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Do solar lights work when it's raining?

Solar lights can generally remain operational in light rain. Most solar lights are designed to be weather-resistant and can withstand light rain showers without any issues. However, heavy rain or prolonged exposure to water may cause damage to the internal components, particularly if the lights aren't adequately sealed or protected.

Additionally, rain clouds can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the solar panels, which may affect the lights' performance. In some cases, the reduced sunlight may not provide enough energy for the solar lights to operate throughout the night. It's essential to ensure that the solar lights are properly installed and sealed to prevent water ingress.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the solar panels and checking for any signs of damage, can help ensure the continued functionality of solar lights, even during rainy conditions. If heavy rain is expected, temporarily covering or relocating the lights may help prevent damage and ensure they continue to work effectively.

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