Can Solar Lights Charge Through Windows? - Hardoll

Solar lights typically require direct sunlight to charge efficiently. While some light may pass through windows, it's often not enough to fully charge solar lights. Windows can filter out a significant portion of sunlight, reducing its intensity and effectiveness for charging solar-powered devices.

Factors such as the type of glass, angle of the sunlight, and any obstructions outside the window can further diminish the amount of sunlight reaching the solar panels on the lights. Additionally, indoor lighting, including artificial light sources, doesn't provide the necessary spectrum or intensity of light required for effective solar charging. In some cases, if the solar light is placed very close to a window with ample sunlight exposure, it might receive enough light to charge partially.

However, relying solely on indoor light through windows is generally not a reliable method for charging solar lights. For optimal performance, it's recommended to place solar lights outdoors in direct sunlight for the majority of the day. This ensures they receive sufficient sunlight to charge fully and operate efficiently throughout the night.

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