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Hardoll Introduces a Light with Remote Control and a Motion Sensor Light with High-quality Chip

Hardoll Solar Lights is committed to bring its customers the most efficient and useful lighting designs. All our solar lights for the home garden are easy to install. All you need is to screw them to the wall. Earlier we had introduced table top solar lights, tea lights etc. Not to mention Solar Fence Lights that can be installed using adhesive tape, which is super-easy. 

Now, we have introduced two new solar lights that would definitely win your hearts. A solar light that can be controlled with remote and motion sensor solar light with a high-quality chip that boosts lighting duration.

Solar Hanging Lights 

As its name suggests, the main feature of this Solar Hanging Light is that it can be hung wherever you want. This would help you to hang the lights in the nook where other solar wall lights cannot be fixed. What makes this possible is that the panel and light are separate and are connected with a long cable. You can screw the panel where the sunlight falls directly and hang the light in the shade. It works great under the sunshades and if you are camper this would definitely come in handy.

Well, the specialities of these Solar Lights for Garden do not end here. There is yet another feature that you would fall for. It can be controlled remotely with a device.There are options to control brightness to full, medium and low or can also choose either full bright or half bright mode. Putting in auto mode, these Solar Garden Lights would automatically sense the darkness and adjust brightness accordingly. 

Solar Hanging Lights for Outdoor has 2W, polysilicon solar panel that runs on 18650-3.7V-2400mAH Lithium Li-Ion battery and 24 SMD-5630-Epistar LEDs that have 5W. With just 4-5 charging hours, it can light your outdoors for 6-8 hours. You can use these lights in the garden or decks without worrying about getting exposed to nature’s elements. Made up of IP44 ABS Plastics, it is waterproof and is tightly sealed so that you need not worry about water getting inside.

Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Equipped with 0.8W/5.5V solar panel and powered by 3.7V 1200 mah, Solar Outdoor Lights for Hanging has a higher absorption rate that results in higher energy conversion.Solar Security Lights work in motion sensor mode. PIR sensors in the Solar Light for Home Garden enable it to detect motion within 26 feet and turn on automatically. Light stays on for 30 seconds before turning off. 

Solar LED Outdoor Lamps have 32 LEDS  of 2.3W and 350 lumens. The high quality chip ensures longer lighting and gives lighting coverage of 140 degree. As it is not connected to electric wires, you can install them easily without any assistance from outside. Solar Lights for Security need only Sun to charge and hence no electricity is required bringing you savings on electricity bill.

All Hardoll Solar Lights are powered by Sun and hence they are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Buy and install them at your home and light up your garden and home premises without spending any money.

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Feb 03, 2022
Hiralal Bamure

How much price of this product

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