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Renewable Energy in India

India is stepping confidently towards a brighter and cleaner future. The government of India is set to reduce India’s total projected carbon emission by 1 billion tonnes and expand India’s renewable energy installed capacity to 500 GW by 2030. In terms of the renewable energy expansion plan, this is the world’s largest and that we can be proud of.

According to the current industry scenario, renewable energy sources have a combined installed capacity of 150+GW.

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Mentioned below is the installed capacity of the different renewables, as of 31 December 2021.

Wind power: 40.08 GW

Solar Power: 49.34 GW

BioPower: 10.61 GW

Small Hydro Power: 4.83 GW

Large Hydro: 46.51 GW

Acme, Adani, and Greenko top India’s largest renewable energy companies followed by Azure Power (1,591 Mw), Tata Power (1,388 Mw), Renew Power (1,241 Mw), NTPC ( 870 Mw), Avada Power (680 Mw), Hero Future Energies (553 Mw) and NLC with 440 Mw of capacity. Acme, Adani, and Greenko are the largest solar producers while Greenko, Renew Power Tops, and Sembcorp tops the wind energy sector. 

Not just that, the Indian government has proposed to have solar cities and parks with one solar city per state. Adding to that, 45 solar parks with a capacity of 37GW are to be set up across the country, which would help to control the energy crisis that the nation currently faces. This not only serves as a huge milestone but also brings awareness to the people of the importance of renewable energy who will in turn understand the future prospect and embrace solar energy for their household needs.

As a developing nation, India has come far to be the fourth largest installed capacity of renewable energy, the fourth largest installed capacity of wind power, and the fifth-largest solar installed capacity in the world.

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