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Two Stories of Inspiration to Shine a Light and Provide Safety; Same Yet Different.

Around the world there are reasons to provide light, the main reason being safety. In today's article, we are going to read two stories from two different nations that have provided light, one to meet the necessity and another to meet necessity while reminding us about social responsibility. What makes them more interesting is that both used renewable energy to bring their point to light.

In Jammu & Kashmir, the Maitra bridge gets a bright update. Thanks to the Jammu & Kashmir Energy Development Agency, the bridge in Ramban would shine in solar street lights. The Deputy Commissioner, Mussarat Islam inaugurated the occasion in the last week of May. The current CEO of JAKEDA, Babila Rakwal provided solar lights that are to be installed in public places in Ramban. Permission was granted to install a total of 950 solar lights in the district of which 95 solar lights would work on a Remote Monitoring System. 200 out of 285, the first lot of solar street lights are installed in public and prominent places. The newly installed solar street lights would definitely improve the safety of pedestrians and other travellers in the district.

Solar Street Lights

If the earlier was a government initiative, the following is one of kind support offered by a business giant who manufactures solar products. MPOWERD, a company that aims to provide clean and reliable products started its business by serving social and environmental purposes while creating profit. MPOWERD provides solar-powered lanterns to victims of natural disasters such as of 2020 Puerto Rico earthquake, to those who cannot access the grid and rely on kerosene. According to Salzinger the sense of safety provided by light is invaluable and universal. The company has sent lights to over 90 countries. MPOWERD customers participate in the company's donation program of solar lanterns by adding $10 to their order. What is special about their solar products are they can be used as camping lights and at the same time useful for refugee camps. MPOWERD has a wide array of solar products such as bike light, lanterns, string lights etc.

Solar Lights are a reply to our growing demand for energy and also teaches the next generation about clean and safe energy.

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